One Good Thing…

One good thing about the end of summer is the sales!

Here are a few sales going on in different shops inside Blue Moon at the moment. We hope you enjoy this newsletter of savings!


Thank you Wilmington!


Summer Sale: Ned Leary Photography

Ned Leary is having a huge Summer Sale, signing event and bringing in a ton of new merchandise, August 29th – 31st!! He will be here if you want to have a piece signed or just meet the artist on Thursday and Friday from 4-6 and Saturday from 3-5. (more…)

Moon Someone You Love for Under $10!

Trying to gift on a budget? Blue Moon has you covered! If you think your budget is going to limit your gifting, think again! We had to narrow down and re-categorize our list because we have so many great goodies. So without further ado…

Topping the list is one of our favorite categories at Blue Moon: FOOD! These delicious treats are a great way to gift a little local flavor. (more…)