We Did It… Again!!

A BIG thanks goes out to all of our wonderful shop owners and loyal customers (all of which this couldn’t be possible without)! Winning ‘Best Gift Shop’ in Encore Magazine’s Best of Wilmington for a 4th year in a row is truly an honor and we couldn’t be more pleased!! (more…)

Mark Weber Comic Extraordinaire

One (of the many things) that sets Blue Moon apart from any other place is our diversity. I personally don’t know any other location where I can find mosaic art benches, hand blown glass, gorgeous metalsmith jewelry, pickled okra, bamboo baby swaddles, or custom comics (just to name a few) all under one roof. Add to that mix a diverse group of talented artists who house their shops and that all boils down to something really special! Mark Weber is one of our very talented and accomplished artists that Blue Moon is proud to host. A self-proclaimed “prolific doodler” Mark’s resume boasts creations for publications including The New York Times, Rolling Stone, The Wall Street Journal, The International Herald Tribune (a Parisian based newspaper), The Village Voice, Wilma and many, many more. When you enter Mark’s shop here in Blue Moon you can’t help but smile. His playful illustrations, Blackbeard posters, and comic interpretations are a wonderful addition to Blue Moon. (more…)