Blue Moon Vendors

Pickled Peanuts?!?

After seeing this yummy picture from Dula Notes blog for a peanut butter hummus, we were inspired to share our version. It’s a hummus made with Angela’s Pickled Peanuts. The nuts have a cajun style flavor that adds a lot to the hummus. Super yummy and super easy! (more…)

Inmate Tease Featured on WECT

We were so excited to see one of our newest shops featured on the news the other night! Inmate Tease opened their shop in Blue Moon just days prior to the news getting wind of their product. Inmate Tease makes hysterical kids snap suits and t-shirts with “concepts so funny it’s a crime.”™ Literally! Their “goods” capture crime but with a little bit of a twist. Offenses that aren’t punishable by law, but rather by your laughter! (more…)

The Project Cottage featured in Coastal Living

Looking for a way to get organized and stick with your cool beachy theme? Ok, maybe you don’t even have a beach theme going but just need a cute place to hang coats or towels. One of these coastal inspired surf board racks from The Project Cottage located at Blue Moon will do just the trick! You can see another one of her fabulous surf racks featured in the March issue of Coastal Living Magazine too! What a fabulous way to get organized! (more…)

Oldies But Goodies

Ellen Rose Designs has moved her wonderful vintage finds to a new, larger shop!! Although not far from her original shop, I personally find her new layout to be wonderful and inviting. She has stocked her shop with even more unique vintage jewelry pieces (which is a little dangerous for me… as I look down and realize that I am wearing both a necklace and bracelet that I previously purchased from her)! Her fabulous finds include necklaces, bracelets, rings, and even tiaras! Oh and did I mention her wonderful, adorable, one of a kind pin collection? It’s like I’ve found ‘pin-topia’. In case you missed my point… you have to check out her vintage pins!! (more…)

Mark Weber Comic Extraordinaire

One (of the many things) that sets Blue Moon apart from any other place is our diversity. I personally don’t know any other location where I can find mosaic art benches, hand blown glass, gorgeous metalsmith jewelry, pickled okra, bamboo baby swaddles, or custom comics (just to name a few) all under one roof. Add to that mix a diverse group of talented artists who house their shops and that all boils down to something really special! Mark Weber is one of our very talented and accomplished artists that Blue Moon is proud to host. A self-proclaimed “prolific doodler” Mark’s resume boasts creations for publications including The New York Times, Rolling Stone, The Wall Street Journal, The International Herald Tribune (a Parisian based newspaper), The Village Voice, Wilma and many, many more. When you enter Mark’s shop here in Blue Moon you can’t help but smile. His playful illustrations, Blackbeard posters, and comic interpretations are a wonderful addition to Blue Moon. (more…)

The Verandah!

We couldn’t be happier!

Our newest vendor, The Verandah (formerly in Wallace), has opened their shop here in Blue Moon. Their bold, whimsical, and southern charm is a wonderful and welcome addition! Honestly every time I walk by their shop I want to curl up in one of their fabulous upholstered chairs, surrounded by their custom hand stitched pillows, and read a good book. Every square inch of their shop is taken up by hand painted mirrors, up-cycled and re-purposed furniture, unique wall art, and non seasonal wreaths. Adorned with various items including dishware, lamps, and other decor The Verandah really is in and of itself an adventure. They truly are a welcome addition to the Blue Moon shopping experience!!