Blue Moon Vendors

Hale to the Sea!

I know I’m still technically the new girl on the block, but I still can’t get over the amazing people and artwork that comes through the Blue Moon doors. From the moment I saw Craig Hales stunning work, I was enthralled. It’s like having an ocean view anywhere you hang his work. The colors are fantastic and the scenes are captivating! (more…)

Super Herb to the Rescue!

I’m always on the look out for new ways to improve my health. With all the “wonder” products out there, it’s easy to get swept up in the empty promises companies make. Here is a tip from me to you that might just change your world. You most likely don’t need a fancy celebrity endorsed product, you might just need some lavender in your life. Seriously! I didn’t know how wonderful lavender was until our new vendor White Oak Lavender set up shop. (more…)

A Salute to Creative Dads

In honor of Father’s Day, we would like to salute a few creative Dads that have shops here at Blue Moon. Meet Anthony Vivaldi, or Tony to anyone who’s had the pleasure to meet him. He has the shop A M Vivaldi Watercolors at Blue Moon. His work features local subjects of all kinds. Be sure to click on his collage of Wilmington to see if you can identify all the landmarks. (more…)

Memorial Day Festivities


This Memorial Day, whether you find yourself at the beach or a backyard bbq,
look fabulous with the help of Blue Moon! (more…)

Ever Seen A Wood Fired Salt Kiln?

A wood fired salt kiln opening… this is a very cool process that we just had to share with you! 

Crystal, of the Crystal King Pottery shop at Blue Moon, shared these pictures with us and we just had to let ya see them. They are of the firing at the kiln behind her parent’s shop, King’s Pottery in Seagrove, NC. This is the way a kiln would have been fired a hundred years ago, with wood for fuel and salt for the finish.  The firing takes 24 hours and is a week-long process between loading and cooling. They never know what to expect until they unload the kiln so it’s as much fun for the potters as it is for the public who are there to see the finished pieces. The above picture is a view of the inside of the kiln when they opened it to stoke the fire.  ( Such a cool shot!  Anyone else see a little fire guy disco dancing up front? ) (more…)

Anniversary Sale!


Always Nature is celebrating the 2 Year Anniversary

of their shop at Blue Moon! Come celebrate with us…

10% off everything

from the Always Nature shop at Blue Moon

May 10 – May 13


Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Can’t think of the perfect gift to get the perfect mom?

We’ve got you covered!! (more…)

Statement Pieces For The Home

Spring’s here… time for some good old-fashioned spring cleaning! Check out some of our favorite ways to add a little WOW to your home.

Add a little nostalgia to your family room with light up marquee letters from Drift Along Natural Designs! (more…)

Super Chic And Oh So Green

Isn’t it great when you find a way to make a difference and you look good doing it?! Envirosax are eco-friendly reusable bags that are water-resistant, durable (they hold up to 44 lbs), and washable.  Proud sponsors of The Australian Marine Conservation Society, The Surfrider Foundation,  and The Royal Forest And Bird Protection Society of New Zealand the team at Envirosax is committed to spreading the word about environmental awareness and sustainability. (more…)

Adding A Little Whimsy

Always on the lookout for new and fun items that your neighbors don’t have? Our newest shop, Katie’s Backyard, offers just that! Their patented Flip Flop Flowerpot can showcase your plants, flowers, herbs, greenery, wine (yes I said wine), and much more in a way that you never imagined. (more…)