Blue Moon Vendors

From the Ashes

When a tragic fire consumed their historic workshop, flagship store, and corporate offices in 2010, Wendell August Forge was left with two options: to give up or to fight to rebuild their nearly 100-year-old family business. There was no question in their minds that they would overcome this hurdle. (more…)

Summer Sale: Ned Leary Photography

Ned Leary is having a huge Summer Sale, signing event and bringing in a ton of new merchandise, August 29th – 31st!! He will be here if you want to have a piece signed or just meet the artist on Thursday and Friday from 4-6 and Saturday from 3-5. (more…)

For the Love of Pets!

Drum roll please, ladies and gents! By popular demand, I am pleased to present to you…. the first Blue Moon Pet Blog! It is no secret that we are just a tad obsessed with our furry friends. We were tickled when Mike Bryand Photography offered to photograph the spirit of our beloved Blue Moon pets! (more…)

Weathering the Storm

Every once in a while, I hear a story that stops me in my tracks. It seems that this month has been full of moments and stories like this for our Blue Moon family. When it rains, it pours… that’s what they say right? However with a little inspiration from an unexpected place, we remain confident that we will weather these troubling times until the sun comes back around. (more…)

The Dynamic Duo!

If you haven’t had the chance to come in and see all of the new shops at Blue Moon, drop everything and hurry over. From a baby boutique to a new argon oil line, we can hardly keep up with all the of the new wonders walking through these doors! However, there is one new addition to Blue Moon that we couldn’t miss if we tried! The Summery Umbrella moved in a few weeks ago, and hasn’t stopped stunning us since. (more…)

Love is in the air…

The holiday of love is quickly approaching! Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and the pressure to find the perfect gift is on! But never fear… Blue Moon is here! From jewelry to pottery to doll clothes, we can help you find something for every special love in your life. (more…)

Chasing the Beachy Blues

As the holiday craze dies down, I can’t help but think about how nice it would be to relax on the sand of a warm North Carolina beach right about now. Unfortunately winter seems to have finally shown up and I’m stranded inside wrapped in blankets. (more…)

Falling in Love with Autumn

September has come and gone, stealing summer as it left. While we are lucky enough to have the warm weather sticking around,  it is time to embrace the changes coming our way. Pack away the white and bring out the burgundy, royal blue, and burnt orange! (more…)

Before We Bid Summer Adieu…

Maybe it’s because I’m a July baby, or because I took classes all summer, or maybe it’s because I haven’t gotten my fill of the beach yet, but I am not ready to shun everything summery, warm, and wonderful yet. And thank goodness I don’t have to. (more…)

A full “Blue Moon”…

After all the preparation and excitement, last Friday night we celebrated the blue moon with our “Wine and Unwind” event. We had so much fun seeing all of our loyal customers and meeting so many new ones! We had a great turn out! (more…)